BSMR offers comprehensive PV solutions across all phases of clinical development and post marketing to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies.

We are able to improve pt care, safety and public health, while ensuring a rational and effective use of medicines and also providing cost benefits through use of the medicines. Good PV prevents the evaluation of safety issues.

We provide end- to end safety monitoring services:

Signal detection and evaluation

AE management ( pre and post authorization)

Risk management

Premarketing and post marketing PV services

Healthcare Services

We bring deep domain and contextual expertise in healthcare services. We offer 24×7, Right -Shoring services through multi-channel, multi-lingual model from our experienced team – to ensure superior customer experience.

As a small, independent company, we are proud to be able to maintain a close working relationship with our clients and develop solutions unique to their needs and exclusive for their use.

Business Intelligence Reports

Business Analytic Reports

Market Research Reports

Medical Coding and Billing Services

Clinical Pipeline Monitor

BSMR - Global Clinical Research Organization