Core Activities

We use research to help laboratory
produce better results in science.

BSMR, we offer an extensive list of services to accommodate your Clinical Research needs. We serve the Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, and Medical Devices Industry by combining advanced analytical instrumentation with superior technical expertise. We develop, validate, and perform mass spectrometry-based methods in support of clinical development.

BSMR’s staff has the ability to handle end to end Clinical Trials. In addition to a full suite of services across the drug development timeline, BSMR provides specialized services at each trial juncture. Clients can choose the service that meets one or all of their study management process requirements.

Clinical Trial Management

BSMR has experienced in Phase II to Phase IV studies ranging from single centre studies to large trials. We have an extensive team members having experience in managing…

Data Management

Our solutions are complete with integrated remote data system allowing companies to rethink some of the traditional data management plan. We provide solutions that help meet the challenges.


We understand the importance of statistical analysis at every stage of your clinical trial. We work hard to provide you high quality output. We provide cost effective services…

Medical Writing

Our team of medical writers can produce expert medical and scientific communication for our sponsors. The team is trained in to communicate the ideas of the customer to the target…

Quality Assurance

BSMR is committed to offer CR with quality adhering to global standards. We are committed to provide services with high level of consistency and compliance with guidelines.


BSMR offers comprehensive PV solutions across all phases of clinical development and post marketing to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies.

Regulatory Consulting

Briging a new product from development to marketing approval is an expensive and lengthy process. If any delays occur, costs in both time and money can rapidly escalate.

CDISC Services

BSMR has extensive experience in providing high quality and timely CDISC deliverable to support to clients for regulatory submissions and other requirements.

Strategic Consulting Services

BSMR is Ideal Partner in Asia with leading industry experiences, under over Strategic Consulting services we provide services beyond the clinical trials in Asia.

BSMR - Global Clinical Research Organization